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La ferme aux ânes

Donkey rides by the sea or the river. Excursions under the supervision of a qualified guide. €40 – €70 per donkey hired. Day excursion touring the remarkable sites of Costa Verde. Donkey rides around the farm: €15 /donkey

  • Adresse :
    route d’Anghione – lieu-dit Felicelli – 20221 Cervione
  • Phone : +33 6 17 94 95 60

10 minutes by car

Parc Galea – Museum and gardens

Discover the fun and educational CORSICA. This new 9-hectare structure in Taglio provides an overview of Corsica’s history, plants, minerals, and fauna. This site was developed with universities to mix education and fun.

  • Adresse :
    route de l’ex CRNO 20230 TAGLIO ISOLACCIO
  • Phone : +33 10 90 65 42

10 minutes by car

ADECEC ethnography museum at CERVIONE

The Museum of Cervione is located in the centre of the village near the Sant’Eramu cathedral.

Fourteen permanent exhibition halls have been built in the old Aleria bishops’ seminary in Cervioni which the town donated to the ADECEC. They are open to the public every day (except Sunday and Holidays) from 10 – 12 and 2:30 – 6. The museum focuses on ethnography. The association has regularly organised collections of objects since 1975.

Some themes: hides and skins, fire, lighting, pharmacy, clothing, spinning and weaving, ploughs, shovels, locks, upholstery, shoemaking, pastoral life, saws, toys, candle making, wire, asbestos pottery, screening, wine and spirits making, tools, forging, carpentry, printing …

5 minutes by car

UCELLULINE WATERFALL and Bucatoghju Natural swimming pool at San-Nicolao

Between the village of Poghju and the Hamlet of Fano in San-Nicolao, on the Route de la Corniche, two tunnels carved in the rock announce the Ucelluline waterfall. The natural pools of pure and invigorating water offered by the site attract not only water lovers but also canyoning and climbing lovers. Come and see the waterfall by night and admire its stunning lighting!

10 minutes by car

Museum of CORSICA

The Regional Museum of Anthropology of Corsica opened in 1997 and is situated in the citadel of Corte, a stronghold with city walls and military buildings built from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries. The Territorial Collectivity of Corsica is currently renovating this vast military unit, which is one of Corsica’s major historical and tourist sites, to install a cultural and museum area. The restoration and development has been entrusted to the Turin architect Andrea Bruno who is a UNESCO expert and specialist in the rehabilitation of old buildings.

The three museum spaces have been installed in the Sérurier barracks and extension: Doazan Gallery: rural Corsica in the mid-twentieth century and introduction to humanities through the surveys conducted by Father Louis Doazan who was a pioneer in Corsican ethnology. Annual exhibitions area: Perspectives on contemporary Corsica through thematic and interdisciplinary exhibitions. The Museum of Corsica has a dynamic policy of research and collection of works and scientific publications. It regularly organises conferences, seminars, musical events, and educational workshops based on its permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. Individual guided tours only possible in July-August at 11 am and 3:30 pm except Sundays and holidays.

1 hour by car

Departmental Museum of Aleria Archaeology

The Departmental Museum Jérôme CARCOPINO presents the remains found at the archaeological site of Aleria.

The Aleria Museum is open to the public from 16 May to 30 September between 8 – 12 and 2 – 7 and from 1 October to 15 May between 8 – 12 and 2 – 5.

20 minutes by car

Erba Rossa animal park

Erba Rossa protects wildlife and teaches your children. The park is home to a variety of Corsican and Mediterranean animals for the enjoyment of both children and adults.

  • Adresse :
    Marina d’Erba Rossa – Route de la Mer – 20240 Ghisonaccia
  • Phone : +33 4 95 56 25 14

1 hour by car